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The Secretary-General of the Presidency: Sudan - Morocco Relations Are based on a Religious and Cultural Legacy

30 Jul 2019 أخبار أخرى

 KHARTOUM - The Secretary-General of the Presidency, General Mohamed Ali Ibrahim, said that the relations between Sudan and Morocco are based on a religious, cultural and social heritage,

 H.E. praised during his address at the Friendship Hall, the Moroccan State’s 20th celebration of the throne of King Mohammed VI in the presence of representatives of the accredited diplomatic missions in the Sudan, praising bilateral relations between the two countries and cooperation and coordination on issues of mutual interest at the regional and international levels.

 The Secretary-General of the Presidency pointed to the new phase and the transition towards democracy in the country to promote peace and stability and achieve the desired prosperity of the Sudanese people.

He expressed Sudan's appreciation for the efforts made by the Ambassador of Morocco to Sudan, Ambassador Mohamed Ma’Oulainin, to develop relations between the two countries in all fields.

The Moroccan ambassador praised the great development witnessed in the relations of Sudan and Morocco in the economic and commercial fields. The ambassador reviewed King Mohammed VI's efforts to promote the values ​​of democracy and human rights and to consolidate the rule of law in Morocco.

  The Moroccan ambassador congratulated Sudan on the political agreement reached by the transitional military council and the Forces of Freedom and Change, which will bring peaceful solutions and peace in Sudan, and expressed Morocco's readiness to provide everything that would achieve peace and stability in the country.

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